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The journal of roxics

Roxics Gamodriel
4 February 1979
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Hi, I'm Mike. I am an apprentice electrician by day and an independent filmmaker at night.

A lot has changed in my life since I first started this journal in late 2001. I'm sorry I don't accept new people on my friendslist unless I know you in person and we are good friends. I used to have a decent sized friendlist of 55 people but hacked it down to 25 or so because this jounal is about my personal life.
If you are interested in reading about my filmmaking adventures you can do so at the scapefilms community and/or at ScapeFilms.com our website.

I do a lot on the internet. I have several other websites as well including:


Plus check out my photogalleries at:


16 volt, 16mm film, a perfect circle, acura rsx, alien prophecy, alien technology, aliens, aluminum, ancient cultures, angels, arriflex, artificial intellegence, astrology, audio books, bach, balance, blade, cameras, castles, cats, chainmail, chaos, chef salad, chinese food, claymation, coffee shops, computers, darren aronofsky, david fincher, delerium, depth, design, digital art, divinity, dualism, dvd's, electric blue, enigma, enya, ether, evolution, f1lam3nt, fall colors, fantasy films, fiber optics, film, filmmaking, fluorescent lights, freedom, friends, fuji velvia, function13, girls, god, godhead, golden ratio, graphic arts, gravity kills, hamlet, heaven, honda civic, humility, industrial light and magic, industrial music, infinity, italian food, jesus christ, jim henson, kmfdm, lasers, leather, leonardo da vinci, life, lions, live, livejournal, lordship, love, luc besson, lux, machines, macintosh, madonna, magic hour, mdfmk, mesh, michael the archangel, michelangelo, monty python, my girlfriend, nature, nikon, nin, nine inch nails, oakey juliet, oakley mars, oakley penny, oakley romeo, philip ridley, philosophy, photography, poetry, polymer clay, prodigy, project pitchfork, psykosonik, pwei, radiohead, reflection, rejected, renaissance festival, ridley scott, rob dougan, robert rodriguez, robotics, romeo and juliet, scape films, sci fi, sex, silverchair, skindive, sony pd100, spring breeze, stabbing westward, stance, stargate, swords, telepathy, the crow, the dark tower, the fifth element, the internet, the lawnmower man, the sun, thx, tim burton, titanium, tool, tori amos, vast, video cameras, violins, vision, vnv nation, water parks, web design, weezer, white light, wisdom, writing